Saluki Environmental LLC  

General Information

About Saluki Environmental LLC

Saluki Environmental LLC (Saluki) focuses on providing compliance assistance to industrial clients. In this role, Saluki staff will either assist clients or contract as the facility's "full-time" environmental professional.

General Environmental Services

* Multi-media Environmental Compliance Audits
* EPCRA Tier II Chemical Storage Reporting (Tier II Report)
* EPCRA Toxic Release Inventory Reporting (Form R Report)
* Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
* Ozone Depleting Substances Records Management
* Green House Gas Management Plans
* Minor Air Permitting Applications and Registrations
* NFPA Storage Tank Evaluations and P.E. Certification
* Title V Air Permit Certification and Deviation Reporting

General Facts

* A saluki is an Egyptian hunting dog and is the mascot of Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

* BCEE is an acronym for Board Certified Environmental Engineer, which is administered by the American Academy of Environmental Engineers (AAEE).  Mr. Russell is certified as a BCEE in hazardous waste management, focusing on waste determinations and storage.

* Mr. Russell has individual Professional Engineering (P.E.) registration in MO, MI, OH, IN, IL, and UT.  Saluki Environmental LLC is authorized to transact business and provide engineering services in OH, IN and MI. Company registration for professional engineering services in other states may be necessary before offering or performing those services, depending on the project.