Saluki Environmental LLC  

Waste Services

Mr. Russell is a Board Certified Environmental Engineer (BCEE) in Hazardous Waste Management, specialized in waste characterization and storage, and has worked at a state regulatory agency as a hazardous waste permit engineer.  

Hazardous Waste Management Services

* Part A and Part B Permit Applications with P.E. Certifications
* Closure Plans and P.E. Certifications
* New Hazardous Waste Tank Installation P.E. Certifications
* Waste Determinations and Documentation
* RCRA Contingency Plans
* Initial and Annual Employee RCRA Training
* Triennial DOT Training for Hazardous Material Shipping
* Treatment Evaluations and LDR Documentation
* Incineration Trial Burn Plans and Coordination
* Waste Vendor Audits
* Used Oil Management Solutions
* Universal Waste Management Solutions
* Organic Air Emissions Programs (Subpart AA, BB, CC)
* Enforcement Action Support
* Biennial Hazardous Waste Reports (Annual in some States)
* TSCA Waste (PCBs) Compliance Assistance
* Expert Witness Testimony